Path Of Exile - The Top Best Free-to-Play Title Free On Steam

  • Path of Exile is a free Action RPG game that has been hailed as a competitor for the Blizzard megahit - Diablo III.

    With item-collecting addiction and a complex character system, Path of Exile is aimed primarily at Hack & Slay fans and is currently probably the largest competitor of Diablo 3. Still, the action role-playing game is regularly provided with new content.

    It's no wonder that Steam's impressive 93 percent of the countless user reviews on Path of Exile are positive.

    Path of Exile is a game that many compare to Diablo. Of course both games have their own style and gameplay but the big idea is similar. Path of Exile, however, is free-to-play from 2013 and available on the PC.

    Diablo-like RPG Path of Exile came to the Xbox One, the game remains free-to-play! The game apparently had great demand for this expansion as it has captured the hearts of many gamers.

    Path of Exile could also be described as Free2Play-Diablo. Because the action role-playing game is not only located in a dark fantasy world, but also reminds playful strong on Diablo 2.

    Similar to many other Free2Play titles, Path of Exile is funded solely by cosmetic items such as skins or comfort features such as chest extensions that do not directly affect the game. Characters and abilities can be unlocked that way.

    Path of Exile has been around for a while and Grinding Gear Games have taken the Diablo ARPG formula and created something rather special. GGG is a developer that understands their audience and opted to fund the game through cosmetic item purchases. There's no pay to win here and every ARPG fan should try PoE at least once. GGG also release regular free expansions and content updates.

    Buy Exalted Orbs, Divine Orbs, Gem Cutters Prisms, and Chaos Orbs are the most valuable currency. Best bet is to hoard everything until you get a good understanding of values in this game.